About Juicy Hotels

Juicy Hotels was conceived of on the roof deck of good friends' house in San Francisco while dreaming of finding a sunny last minute trip. The only problem was, it was impossible to find a sunny place and find cool hotels in the places that were finally found to be sunny. I also discovered it was impossible to find a hotel with the cool features I care about. So, this site was born from wishing there were a good way to find the perfect hotel for me and see all of the sunny places on the planet with an easy way to find the best hotels in those places.

It was also a natural progression from an ongoing love of travel, finding neat hotels, constantly reading travel magazines for fun with hundreds of magazines dog eared and marked for future hopeful trips. As a former travel agent and current travel journalist, it just made sense to build my own perfect hotel search engine. So I did. It's the hotel search engine of my dreams, I hope it's yours too.

What makes this hotel search engine special is that all of the hotels have been hand picked by me. They come from the pages of the best travel magazines, from personal experience and from recommendations from friends whose travel tastes I trust. Also, the ability to find hotels based on the amenity database being constantly added to is pretty cool. Where else are you going to find a hotel with outdoor showers + cooking classes + yoga or whatever rings your bells. Nowhere, as far as I can tell.

I'm always interested in adding more categories, amenities, activities and in hearing about your favorite hotels. Please email me ideas, feedback, hotel tips and more anytime.

If you are a traveler, check our the Juicy Hotels FAQ here.

If you are a hotelier or travel vendor, please visit our Juicy hotelier information page or email me directly.

Come back and visit often. There are many more features and improvements coming to Juicy Hotels.

As always, it's supposed to be fun! Travel joyously and tell me all about your favorite hotels!

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